Where is Eclipse Error Log ??

Are you looking for your Eclipse workspace Error Log ??

The error log can be accessed by the following ways

  1. For users with Eclipse 3.X and PDE installed :  Window -> Show View -> Other -> PDE Runtime -> Error Log
  2. For users with Eclipse 3.4 : Window -> Show View -> General -> Error Log
  3. For every users : Help -> About Eclipse -> Configuration Details -> View Error Log
  4. For every users : the location of the file is : “workspaceLoaction/.metadata/.log”

6 thoughts on “Where is Eclipse Error Log ??

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  2. thanks about the .log remark !

    eclipse error log file:
    java.io.FileNotFoundException: /opt/eclipse3.3/configuration/.settings/org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs (Permission denied)

    run eclipse with root permission

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