Eclipse Profiling / Memory Analyzer Part 3


This blog was started 3 weeks ago and only contains 9 posts today. Most of the traffic on the blog was generated by the two posts about “Profile Your Eclipse Plugins with SAP Memory Analyzer” here and here.

Eclipse’s plugins profiling seems to be a real question for a lot of us !!! This new tool help us to quickly identify memory leaks in our applications but what about time performances ??

How do you profile your plugins time performances ?? I would be intersted in any suggestions on this topi so pelase let me know.




3 thoughts on “Eclipse Profiling / Memory Analyzer Part 3

  1. Hi,
    I usually recommend the Yourkit profiler.
    It’s easy to use, overhead is acceptable, it’s not that expensive and supports the most important features.
    Otherwise to me it seems, that there’s no single profiler, that “does it all”.
    You may always have to use a set of profilers.


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