Eclipse Feature Tip – Help About Dialog

Last week i was working on an Eclipse feature for the first time. I created my feature, added plug-ins into it, deployed it and it worked perfectly at the first time. All my plug-ins where there and available !!!!

Nice, then I just checked that my feature was present in the Help -> About-> Feature Details dialog … and here comes the bad news : my feature was not visible. After long investigations and discussions (available here, you need to login) on the eclipse platform news group and thanks to Ed Merks and Nick Boldt I have the solution to my problem.

To have a feature displayed in the Help -> About-> Feature Details you need to define a Branding plug-in for that feature in the feature.xml file. If no Branding plug-in is specified Eclipse will look for a Branding plug-in with the same ID than the feature’s ID.

In this plug-in there must be a about.ini, and about.mapping files. For more informations on these files and there content you can look the Eclipse Help here.


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