Eclipse Webinars Are Very Cool

I participated yesterday to my first Eclipse Webinar about Memory Analyzer. It was really instructive ;o).

From now I will always keep an eye on the coming webinars in order to attend as much as possible and I recommend every one to jump into these webinars.

Thanks again to presenters.


3 thoughts on “Eclipse Webinars Are Very Cool

  1. Hi Manuel,

    thanks for the kudos! I saw you attending but was busy/stressed with the recording. I was not sure if I should mention your planned contribution… we are looking forward to the online acquiring of heap dumps but I did not want to create facts.


  2. Hi Manu How are you?hope you are doing well.
    I took a look at the memory analyser and it seems very interesting.
    I did not take a look at how to register and participate to webinars?

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