Linux / Eclipse / GTK

While developing Eclipse’s plugins on my Linux RHEL3 (computers are administrated by the company’s IT service) work station I encountered SWT/JFace performances problem. More accurately, I had problems with Table Viewers / Table with a lot of entries. Google quickly told me that in some cases SWT’s performances problems come from the underneath layer : GTK.

Since the GTK version installed on RHEL3 systems is quite old I tried my plugins on a RHEL4 workstation and my performances problem went ago. Nice but I want to solve these problems on MY workstation.

Before asking for a new RHEL4 I decided to have a try on setting up a new GTK version on my workstation. After a long fight and a lot of ./configure – make – make install I successfully installed the last GTK release on my workstation. I am now able to launch Eclipse with this GTK version. I can also easily switch back to the old version just by changing my LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Moreover, a lot of GTK widget have significant usability improvements … for example I can now browse hidden file when using File -> Open dialog instead of having to open a shell outside Eclipse to get the file path and to copy it in the file browser widget ;o)


2 thoughts on “Linux / Eclipse / GTK

  1. Oh, so that’s feasible – great to know.
    I’ve run into GTK/GDK crash on an old system, which is RHEL4 at this time.
    So I was wondering, as a last resort bundle a custom-build GTK/GDK with my product.

    Do you still remember, what are the .so files SWT requires, and which is the minimum subset of source packages that build these?

    Also, have you seen any clear definition of what GTK version Eclipse/SWT requires? The best I’ve found so far are the Release notes – but that’s not too concise.

    Thanks a million,

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