Eclipse Plugin Profiling Part 2

Following my last post about plugin profiling here are the step to follow to install TPTP in order to profile time execution of your plugins. It’s now really easy to setup TPTP (no more scripts to launch outside eclipse)
  1. Install the TPTP monitoring and profiling feature (I did it easily using update manager).
  2. Create a new Profiling Launch Configuration.
  3. Select Java Profiling and click edit options in order to set a new filter on this launch configuration to only profile the class you want to profile (by default all eclipse classes are profiled and it can really decrease performances).
  4. Click next and un-Select the check box called “Automatically start profiling when application is started”.
  5. Launch the profiling session.
  6. Start and stop monitoring in the profiling perspective at any time you want.

Hereare my first results

TPTP Results
TPTP Results

I need now to clearly understand these results, and mainly to identify what is happening when calling Display.synchExec() and methods.

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5 thoughts on “Eclipse Plugin Profiling Part 2

  1. Hi Manuel, I’m just wondering which TPTP version did you used with wich Eclipse version? We’ve tried but failed to get TPTP working stable on latest available releases of both… At the end we decided to use YourKit Profiler, which just rocks. The early access 8.0 version is fast and stable as the final one.

  2. Hi Andrei,

    Eclipse version is and for TPTP I have the following features installed :

    Monitoring Tools Project 4.4.2
    Platform Project 4.4.100
    Testing Tools Project 4.3.200
    Tracing and Profiling Tools Project 4.3.100

    In fact I didn’t install TPTP from update manager (I tried it but it failed because of a wrong configuration of my Eclipse installation) but downloaded a zip file called : from TPTP download site.

    Hope this can help


  3. Does TPTP support actual bundle monitoring. That is, rather than listing a mess of classes or packages, just list the bundles that you want to monitor. And then have some other related operations like looking at the interactions between bundles. This would be a real win to Eclipse developers. TPTP is after all an Eclipse project and Eclipse is all about bundles :-)

  4. I didn’t see a feature allowing to tell I want to profile this, this and this bundle. I think such a feature doesn’t exist yet.

    I agree with you that it would be nice to say I want to profile this and this plugin only !!!

    Can anyone confirm ?

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