Am I The Last ??

I learned recently the clean way to replace all my Display.getDefault() method calls:


Here is the Javadoc for this method :

Code should always ask the workbench for the display rather than rely on Display.getDefault()

Am I the last not aware about this method ?? If no, this post may be can help someone else for example spending time to know why there is no active WorkbenchWindow associated to the default Display :) …

Thanks to Xavier for pointing me to this cleaner method.

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6 thoughts on “Am I The Last ??

  1. The Display.getDefault() method returns the first DIsplay created or creates a new one if it doesn’t exist.

    In an Eclipse environment it doesn’t guaranty that the returned display is the Workbench’s one so you can’t rely on this method.

    I haven’t yet encounter a concrete case where it can cause problems but I’am pretty sure such cases exists … Anyone with such an example ?


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