Individual Source Bundles and Eclipse Newsgroups

This is a 2 goals post

  1. “Tip” about Individual Source Bundles
  2. Everybody should use Eclipse Newsgroups

Let’s get started with the technical issue …

After reading the online help page about Individual Source Bundle I started to modify my headless build in order to generate individual source bundles for my examples plugins. Following the help page, I quickly had individual source bundles successfully exported, fine !!!

The problem comes here …. after installing my plugins in a clean SDK Eclipse installation I was not able to import my examples plugins as source projects. Here is the “error in opening zip file”  :


Several investigations and many “Googling” didn’t solve the problem. I still had this @*####.. error !!!

Now comes this magic thing calls Community.

I decided (in fact it was on of my last solution before stepping inside PDE’s code) to ask the question on PDE newsgroup. 24 hours after my question was asked, I received THE answer from Andrew Niefer. Many thanks !!!

Individual source bundles must be packaged as Jar files and not as directories, it is implicitly said in the help:

“For each bundle there is a corresponding source bundle which is a jar containing the source for that bundle”

I just Unchecked the Unpack plug-in archive after installation in my feature.xml for all my individual source bundle and now it works !!!!!

My conclusion here are:

I’ll try to use more and more newsgroups and I’ll try as often as possible to answer questions asked on newsgroups.

Always package my source bundles as Jar files


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