Javadoc Checking In Eclipse

I usually don’t start new (hard) technical tasks on Friday’s afternoons. Thus, I decided to review the Javadoc of the exported packages of one of my plug-in.

I am building my help plug-in using Ant and generally I take the output of the ant scripts in order to check if my Javadoc is complete and well formed. It’s not friendly at all, not efficiency at all and not INTEGRATED inside Eclipse ;) >>>> I decided to look for a Javadoc “helper/checker/builder … ” plug-in on the web.

After few minutes of Googling I remembered something called JDT/PDE (French people, at least me, are generally slower on Friday’s afternoons) and reached the following preferences page :


No more needs to look anywhere else, all is there in the Java > Compiler > Javadoc Preferences Page expected may be the possibility to ignore “internal” packages (packages which name contains “internal” string ) … ???

Once again thanks to JDT, my productivity and the quality of my product grew a little bit more. See you at next tip !!

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