About Dialog – Icons Order And Tooltips

Ever noticed that the icons order in the Eclipse’s about dialog  changes from one workbench’s instance to another ??!!

Ever noticed that after installing a new Eclipse feature (I mean here a feature provided by Eclipse.org which branding  icon is the same than the Eclipse Platform branding  icon, i.g GEF) the tooltip on the Eclipse’s icon in the about dialog is no moer Eclipse Platform but Graphical Editing Framework ??!!

Loving step in the depth of Eclipse’s code I decided to understand what happened behind the scene. I am using a customized Eclipse 3.4 without P2.

After few minutes I reached the org.eclipse.update.internal.configurator.SiteEntry class provided by org.eclipse.update.configurator plug-in.

Here there is a detect feature method that look for features on local disk using File.ListFile() method which specifications doesn’t guaranty anything about the order of the returned array …. Then the features are stored in a HasMap before being returned to the about dialog through the HashMap.values() method which returned order is not deterministic !!!

Thus I concluded that every body should encounter the same “issue” with the about dialog….

I would be interested in any feedback from people already facing this “issue” (between quote because it’s not a big issue but ….)


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2 thoughts on “About Dialog – Icons Order And Tooltips

  1. I’ve seen this issue as well. Don’t really care about button order that much, but the tooltip behavior is mildly annoying. We have a set of features in our product that we group under a button with our product’s logo. It is mildly annoying that the tooltip corresponds to a random feature from the set. Would have been nice if we could control that explicitly. Obviously, not annoying enough for me to actually file an enhancement request. ;)

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