f!@#!!! jar in jar files

Since several weeks my headless build main part works perfectly. The few problems encountered since there (Debug info, Html report generation) where secondary problems ;o)

Recently we decided to setup the product headless build on an other workstation and guess what …. ???? I had some ERRORS generated by javac task when building one my plug-in depending on an other …. dependencies were not resolved …. !!!!

Why ??

Because One of the plug-ins used in our product is not under source control for some reasons and this plug-in build.properties and Manifest.mf files were different between the 2 workstations. In my environment the plugin build.properties contains

source.. = src/
output.. = bin/

whereas this file contains the following on my colleague workstation:

source.pluginname.jar = src/

This was the old version of build.properties file .. isn’t it ??

Changing this file (and manifest.mf according to build.properties) in order to generate a plug-in jar containing build classes files in its root instead of generating a plug-in jar containing an embedded jar which contains generated classes fixed the problem.

I am only thinking now (while writing this post) that long times ago I read some where that PDE headless build doesn’t support embedded jar files ….. (I should may be buy more memory for my brain in order to avoid wasting time in the future ;o) )

Hope this can help other.



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