Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

Several times ago one of our user asked for us to add keyboard shortcuts for our plugins actions. Our answer was: Easy !!!

Quickly, using Eclipse command “framework” (bindings extension point) this  feature was implemented.

Now ……………………………. the problems we encountered since there

  1. Due to our plugins name our keyboard shortcuts appeared at the top position in the in the “help” providing list of available plug-ins. This can be a “problem” for users which doesn’t use a lot our plug-ins
  2. More tricky, some of our shortcuts were hiding Eclipse’s default shortcuts !!!!!

After quick investigations it seems only really important actions are binded by default with keyboard. Other actions CAN be binded by the user later through the Eclipse preferences pages. We should decide if we change our shortcuts in order to not interfer with others or to simply remove them …

I would be interested to know the way you manage your keyboard shortcuts,and to have any links pointing to that topic (I didn’t find anything after quick googling) ??

I know that there is an associated “rule” in the “Building Quality Plug-ins” book but I don’t have the book here at home and I can’t rember the exact rule saying: “your plug-ins should only provide “additional / optional” features ”



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