Headless Build Benefits

Several weeks ago I blogged a lot about headless build and mainly about the problems I encountered to set up this build. I must admit that it was difficult and long to have the final build working properly but I also MUST admit than the benefits are now really appreciable.

These benefits are mainly :

  1. Each time we have to release our features I feel confident. First, I am confident about the content of the packages thanks to automation. Then I am also confident about the compiled code build in the packages thanks to the integration of our J-Unit tests in the build.
  2. The workload to perform the release thanks to the headless build can be summed-up by: ./manu-linux-build.sh build.all. In other words, it’s FREE. Who wants a release ?? You or you ? You ? No problem I can do that in one click !! You need an engineering release ? Ok here it is !!!

If your are not already building your Eclipse’s product automatically I strongly encourage you to get started with headless build.


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