Draw2d Enhancements – Part 1 – Labels on Polylines

Long time ago I blogged about Draw2d here. In fact I have been working with Draw2d, without GEF, during the last 2 years.

I’ll try through several posts to show the “missing features required for my needs” I implemented from my side. “Missing” is quoted because it was until today, ALWAYS possible to implement these features thanks to Draw2d flexibility ;o)

The first one I want to share is “Label Decoration For Polylines“. Because A picture is worth a thousand words here it is:


May be this feature can be interesting for some of you and thus can be contributedĀ  ? May be it’s already existing somewhere and I missed it ?

Next post will show XYScaledGraphics able to scale X axis independtly from Y axis and vice versa.



3 thoughts on “Draw2d Enhancements – Part 1 – Labels on Polylines

  1. Hi,
    its a very interesting feature. Is this decoration able to line break the text in case that the line is not as long as the text? Can I positions the label right, center, left, above and beneath the line? Is the label rotatable? Because on an vertical line an arrow can point to the top, then i would read the text from the bottom. In the other case, if the arrow points to the bottom, I would read from above.


  2. Hi Mark,

    For now the feature is really basic and just answer to my actual needs.
    I agree that it would be nice to have the features you described. I’ll try to have a look on that.

    Thanks for your feedbacks.


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