PDE Headless Build and P2

As we said here in France Mieux vaut tard que jamais. I spent the last few days (almost 1.5 year after the first P2 release) playing with P2 and the new PDE Build facilities  on top of it.

It was longer than expected (I mean here longer than what I expected) to catch the main concepts of P2 but I think I finally get these concepts !!! And I’m happy with that !!!

In order to help other not already aware with P2 and the PDE Build facilities on top of it I am just gathering here all the links you need to get started:

All required information to catch P2 and PDE build for it are available using these 6 links !!!!

Good luck and hope this can help a little others to get started quicker than me ;o)

PS: I started this blog entry for ME to avoid looking through Google over and over to find the information


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