One our spent to find why my plugin.properties file was not taken into account even if present in the build.properties file. The answer was the following missing line in my Manifest.MF

Bundle-Localization:  plugin

Next time I’ll not forget this line !!!


3 thoughts on “@#!!#Bundle-Localization!@#$%

  1. gosh, had this issue this week, too. Gave up after 15mins, took the pde-wizard and it worked ;-) Thanks for sharing! I’ll remember it, too :)

  2. Oh, the dreaded plugin.properties issue… I ran into that as well a couple of weeks ago, fortunately after 10 minutes of headscratching I decided to take a look at a plugin where it worked, and immediately found that line in the manifest.
    Tricky to say the least…

  3. You could place the file in
    This is the default location, then you don’t need the “Bundle-Localization” entry in the Manifest.

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